Decoding different branches of military

Decoding the Difference between Military Branches

Military of each state has got some amazing branches and units in which their operations, functional management, dressing code, and styling are divided. From active documentation to implementation, the staff of military branches and the combatants working in them have got the different levels as per their grades in the army. And the same goes with their dressing codes and colors.

This difference of the units and their branches helps the civilians to understand the grade and branch of the certain militant. This army costume separates the rest from other branches and indicates the designation of a person clearly.

This enables the commoners to decode the difference that lies between the military branches and their respective combatants. Are you knowing about these differences or are you interested to know about them? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. In this quick-fix blog post, we have broken down the ways in which you can decode the difference between the military branches.


With five active-duty US military branches and Space Force being the sixth one, there is an equal number of reserve components that allow the person to join the military branch of his choice. From the perspective with which the civilians see the military units, each and every militant looks the same. However, this is not true.

You might be thinking how! But the fact is that we have different branches of the military which are dealing with several responsibilities for the defense of the land. There are Special Forces jackets for each of the departments of the army and this differs them from each other. This is a type of cluster that is formed with the help of different combatants hailing from different army backgrounds and sharing some mutual yet separate skillset.


The motto of the US Army is ‘This we’ll defend’ showcasing the enthusiasm and patriotism of the combatants for their state. Established in June 1775, the United States Army dates back to the oldest and finest army. This army includes the land services where they have to protect the nation and its land boundaries. This unit of the military is responsible for the swift and wartime land combat along with the defense of allies. These soldiers are in the charge of ongoing peacekeeping and land operations.


You must have seen the leather peacoat inspired by the military coast guards. Those nylon-made and comfortable peacoats are worn by the militants and look meticulously amazing. Established in August 1790, this maritime multi-mission service has a motto Semper Paratus “always ready”, established after the American Revolution as a means of preventing the loss of revenue due to piracy and breaches on the seas. Coast guards can operate in the Navy department and can take part in naval missions.


The Navy military doesn’t have any motto but there are some of the unofficial mottos including Semper Fortis which means always courageous and not for self but for the country. Established back in October 1775, this maritime service can be seen wearing a british navy pea coat and is easy to identify in the corner. This navy military ensures the proper conduction of amphibious operations and determination of the maritime threats. The US navy is considered to be phenomenal throughout the world.


With the prime motto Semper Fidelis means always faithful, Marine Corps serves the US while being the Maritime land force. Came into working in November 1775, maritime land forces were founded soon after the American Revolution. This unit of army wearing men’s short pea coat is responsible for amphibious warfare and expeditionary warfare, Marine Corps is determined to keep water boundaries of state out of threats. These militants serve on the US Navy ships and protect the naval bases.


Known with the motto ‘aim high, flight, fight, win’, the US Air force is the second-largest military unit in the United States and this service was established in August 1907. They were known for the first powered military craft with b3 bomber jacket and forces jackets and this expanded to the training schools. Air Force is further responsible for the Ariel warfare that includes the strikes for the precise effects. The Air Force also provides support for the land and naval forces along with the recovery of troops in the field.


Space Force is the smallest armed service in the US military consisting of 4480 personnel and 77 operating spacecraft. These systems and aircraft include the Space Fence, Global Positioning System, constellation, military satellite, Boeing X-37B, US missile warning, US space surveillance network, and Satellite Control network. This service of armed forces is responsible to organize, training, and equip the unified combatant command for the space command operational employment.


Coming to the reserved services, there would be no comparison of the armed and military forces without talking about reserved forces. Namely, these forces and services include the US Army, USMC Forces, US Navy reserve, AF Reserve Command, USGC reserve, and National Guard. These services are known for a number of operations that they perform under the specific department of defense and domestic disasters and relief measurements.


The military branches and space force of the US are famous worldwide for their outstanding dressing code along with their exceptional performance on the battlefield. From the right protective and defensive weapons and techniques, the US army is a battalion of smart and productive combatants who are known for their bravery.

The history of the US military and army spans over more than two centuries and in those years, the United States has evolved itself from the fighting nation to the Kingdom with freedom, independence, and power as well.

Hereby in 2021, the United States Armed Forces is consisting of Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Space Force. All of these forces come under the command of the Department of Defense and Coast Guard. These departments are controlled further by the Department of Homeland Security.

From the early Colonial wars in 1620 to the Russian Civil War in 1925, the USA army and military has emerged as one of the most empowered nations with a strong military having a hold of the nation’s security. The President of the United States is the commander-in-chief and practices the authority with the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of Joint Chief of staff. They collectively supervise the combat operations of the US military.


The training of military branches varies from their units. Each department and combat receive the training as per the service unit in which he is enrolled. Moreover, each of the branches and its basic to extreme training is very challenging and tough. Overall, the typical training of the militant lasts from eight to twelve weeks along with the graduation on the run. From the basic dental and medical exams, combatants receive their uniform and training gears along with the direct-deposit account for a paycheck.

The training for the army is called basic combat training goes around 10 weeks. Physical requirements ask the candidate for a timed 2-mile run, 2 minutes of sit-ups, and 2 minutes of push-ups.

For the marine corps, the training is called recruit training and the duration lasts 12 weeks. 2-minute abdominal crunches along with 3 miles timed run and pull-up is physical requirements here.

The training for the Navy is called boot camp and the duration is 8 weeks. From timed 1.5 mile run, 500-yard swim, 2 minutes curl-ups, push-ups, sit-and-reach flexibility test are physical tests for combatants.

Air Force training is called basic military training and lasts up to 8.5 weeks. With 1 minute of sit-ups, push-ups, and a 1.5-mile run, its physical requirements are quite hard.

Recruit training is the name of the coast guard’s service training and its duration lasts up to 8 weeks. With a 1.5 mile run, 1 minute of push-ups, sit-ups, sit and reach flexibility test, 5-minute water tread, and 5-foot platform jump for a 100-meter swim; the physical requirements of the coast guard are the most challenging and toughest one!


Bringing the best of the militant out with the flawless training sessions and constant learning, the military of the United States is known for its outstanding dressing code. For each service and unit, there is a proper dressing code and outerwear that makes the person look extremely well and prominent in a crowd.

We have curated a list, in the beginning, showcasing the services and their associated outfits that could help you imitate the look of the militants. With the help of this list, you can manage to steal the limelight of the crowd and can show up in the military Christmas jacket to be the center of the gathering.


Looking minimal from the outside, but completely separated from the inside and in terms of responsibilities, roles, and cultures; we have compiled the military branch comparison in a brief form to help you learn more about these units. This quick guide would help you to understand the difference between these units and their military performance.

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