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Building Your Trust Right Away

Forces Jacket let the customers know about the privacy we maintain throughout our business to engage all customers in a fruitful shopping experience. We provide assurance to little concerns you have about our services. Our aim is to help you improve your wardrobe by purchasing classy jackets and turning your overall look into trendy outlook. ForcesJacket prioritize your needs through special services to make you comfortable while choosing best for yourself.

Sharing Personal Information

ForcesJacket collect your personal information by requesting you to enter the personal details in the fields. We tend to collect such information for security and promotional reasons. However, with our motive, we assure you maintaining confidentiality by keeping your information with ourselves. Your personal details are never shared with any third-party to avoid thefts or misuse. We make sure that your details are authentic and provide benefits to our business.

FJ uses your shared information for following purposes:

  • To improve customer service by providing you efficient customer support when needed
  • To enhance our site productivity by using your feedback to improve customer engagement
  • To process the transactions by using your information shared against the placement of order. This information is kept with us while no other party is allowed to illegally access the information without our and customer’s permission
  • To inform you about our promotional offers to keep you updated from time to time
  • Copyright and Picture Courtesy

    All the content and graphics used on our website are taken under the settings of FJ. We exclusively use our own data to highlight the major business around the world. No retailer or customer is allowed to use and/or copy our content by his or her name without our legal permission. Anyone found copying our content against the policy should undergo serious action by taking legal notice against them. If, in any case, we found our content been copied by another party, he/she will be issued following measures:

    • Legal copyright notice will be sent to support our case
    • Inspection of the details against the authorities using our information
    • Notifying Google to remove the domain from listing by sending DMCA

    Cookies and Web Services

    Forcesjacket.com uses user’s personal information in order to store and redirect the preferences through tracking the user’s activity on the website. As per our policy, this information is used to monitor our web page’s response so that we can develop the content based on the user’s desirability.

    Important Consent

    By reading our privacy policy, you hereby acknowledge our stated policies and agree on the terms before placing your order on our website.

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