Terms and Conditions

The use of this website and its services is hereafter referred to ForcesJackets.com. The following terms and conditions are effective upon the acceptance and preside over the relationship between you and Forces Jackets having registered online store which supplies the original leather jackets as per the requests of the customers. We make sure that our services and products comply with the following “Terms of Usage” provided by Forces Jackets. By visiting and purchasing any of our products, you are accepting and acknowledging the practices enlisted and described in the Terms and Conditions of ForcesJackets.com. However, we may modify our terms and conditions from time to time to strengthen the continued use of our website. We are also held responsible for drawing your attention to our significant privacy policy to make sure you follow and agree on the terms based on our operations and your purchases.


All payments against the purchases are processed through credit cards or bank accounts. We acknowledge complete payments from our customers via either PayPal or using credit cards. FJ accept credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Western Union, Money Order, and wire transfer.


Forcesjackets deal in selling online jackets with pure leather material to provide a trendy look to everyone. We make sure that our tailor-made designs suit your outlook and give you a pleasure every time you wear our product. Forces Jackets delivers the jackets around the world to satisfy the customers everywhere. Our shipment charges depend on the region and distance from our store while we do not charge extra for the shipment to require heavy investment from you.

Return and Exchange

Forces Jackets offer to return and exchange policy based on the specific conditions. If any of such cases are fulfilling your condition, you may simply request us to return and/or exchange the product under the stated policy. Make sure you ship back us our product within the 30 days of purchasing from our website.

Delivery of Jackets

Our delivery requests are immediately acknowledged and hence, the products are delivered within the 5-12 business days at minimum. If you have ordered a custom design, then our delivery process will be slow due to the custom designs that are furnished exquisitely to satisfy your fashion needs.


Our jackets are priced based on the material and efforts to stitch imperial designs in limited time. The cost of each jacket acknowledges the styling, fashion skills, material, and the cost of other resources.

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